Medical Supplies

Point of care and diagnostics

Tara Healthcare is pioneering the move toward Point of Care Testing with an extensive test panel of medical devices. With this future-forward approach, vital testing with immediate results becomes a reality from almost anywhere.

Whether testing is performed at a physician’s practice, central laboratory, patient’s bedside, or in an emergency/critical care ward, our Point of Care devices aim to improve reaction times and patient outcomes while reducing the cost of care.

POC testing products include:

Blood Analyzer

(Glycaemic control, Lipid panel, Kidney function, Inflammation and Coagulation markers)

Handheld Meters with Biosensor strip technology

(Glucose, Ketones, Lactate, Haemoglobin & Hematocrit, Creatinine and eGFR test panels)

Urine Analyzer

(with an option of 10, 11 and 12 panel analyte measurements from urine test strips)

Rapid Tests

(Covid-19 Rapid Antigen detection kits, Pregnancy tests (Urine and Blood), Syphilis tests)

Diagnostics Equipment

We provide fast, whole blood analysers to support the care of hospitalised and critically ill patients. Our analysers offer the most extensive stat test menus and deliver results in the shortest time at the lowest costs. Whether testing is performed in the central laboratory or in emergency, surgical, critical, or respiratory care areas, our analysers can help to improve patient outcomes while reducing the cost of care.

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