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Stat EMS can measure lactate, hematocrit, hemoglobin, glucose, and ketone from a capillary blood drop. Results are available in seconds by using single-use biosensors and portable meters. Stat EMS offers simple, fast, and accurate testing in the field. Two meter systems are available. One provides patient data storage plus wireless connectivity to external data managers, the other provides data storage only.

Test Menu

Stat EMS provides important tests to help patient assessment, and emergency treatment. These tests can also help determine the appropriate transport site for patients with trauma, sepsis, or other specialized needs.

Fingerstick Sampling

Using capillary samples as small as 0.6 μL, Stat EMS provides fast and easy testing for high-stress medical situations. Capillary sampling and testing with Stat EMS is as easy as glucose self-testing performed by patients with diabetes. It eliminates the time and costs of a venipuncture, including the tourniquet, needle, vacutainer, and transfer pipette—as well as finding a suitable vein.

Benefits and Features

+ Results in seconds
+ Connectivity meters store up to 1,000 patient results
+ Bluetooth connectivity
+ Comprehensive point-of-care features
+ Prompting and lockout for unauthorized use
+ Touchscreen operation and a bright color display
+ Rugged case, compact, and contains all testing components
+ Case is battery charging station for the meters
+ Water resistant and designed to protect all components if dropped
+ Adjustable shoulder strap

Clinical Applications

+ Lactate
+ Glucose
+ Ketone
+ Hemoglobin
+ Hematocrit
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